Innovative design isn't measured in square feet or on a calculator. It's expressed in cubic feet and light, and the way a room feels when you enter it. Nothing has a greater impact on your home's value than design. Exceptional design is as much a science as it is an art. And no one understands this better than Anchor Development Group. This passion for design is why our homes look and live better than others in their price range. The following pages will help explain why Anchor Development Group design goes far beyond skin-deep beauty to enhance the lives of the people who own them.

Two homes have the same square footage yet one seems much larger than the other. Why? The difference is something called sight lines. Sight lines are what you see from any given point in the home, where you're standing in a doorway or seated in a room. As you move through a home, its far more interesting to get a preview of what's to come with subtle hints of the spaces beyond than to be cut off from the rest of the home. This is why a Anchor Development Group home looks and lives larger then all the rest.

There are times when even the closest of families need their privacy. The best plans keep the owner's retreat at a comfortable distance from noisier parts of the home to create a true sanctuary for the parents. Sometimes the goal is togetherness, as in family rooms or kitchens that don't isolate the person preparing the meal. The relative placement of rooms plays a major role in how a home lives... another reason Anchor Development Group homes live as good as they look.

The success of a floorplan isn't judged by how it looks when your standing still or seated. The key ingredient of a great floorplan is how you move through it. Rather then hallways, our plans use other rooms as passageways. It makes small rooms seem larger and improves sight lines. The key is to avoid traffic patterns that interfere with the intended use of the room. And don't settle for just one way into the kitchen. This is the heart of the home. The more ways in the merrier. A good rule of thumb is three ways in, minimum. While we love the thought of you moving into a Anchor Development Group home, we also take special pride in how easily you'll move throughout it, as well.